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What better way to celebrate an occasion than a flower cake. I love flowers. Lots of flowers! Flowers make me smile. Flowers make me happy. So to celebrate spring, I'm featuring flower cakes.

Flower cakes

Flowers made out of icing, either buttercream or royal icing, are always a favorite to use on cakes. And sometimes you will also need a basket to put your flowers in. So, learn the basketweave technique as well.

Some decorators can create the most awesome, realistic looking gum paste flowers. Check out Check out this primer about gum paste flowers and learn how to make them. It does take some commitment and a bit or patience to learn how to make gum paste flowers. But I think it is worth the time.

Rolled fondant can also be used to make flowers for the cake. Make easy fondant roses or simply use a cutter to cut out the flower.

And of course, real flowers can also be used on cakes though certain precautions must be used when using it.

So, here are some flower cakes to inspire you. It sure made me smile making them and I hope it will do that same to you to. Enjoy!


Flower hat box cake 
This buttercream flower hat box cake will make a gorgeous centerpiece for an elegant celebration. 

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Daisy Cake
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