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What better way to celebrate an occasion than a flower cake. I love flowers. Lots of flowers! Flowers make me smile. Flowers make me happy. So to celebrate spring, I'm featuring flower cakes.

Flower cakes

Flowers made out of icing, either buttercream or royal icing, are always a favorite to use on cakes. And sometimes you will also need a basket to put your flowers in. So, learn the basketweave technique as well.

Some decorators can create the most awesome, realistic looking gum paste flowers. Check out Check out this primer about gum paste flowers and learn how to make them. It does take some commitment and a bit or patience to learn how to make gum paste flowers. But I think it is worth the time.

Rolled fondant can also be used to make flowers for the cake. Make easy fondant roses or simply use a cutter to cut out the flower.

And of course, real flowers can also be used on cakes though certain precautions must be used when using it.

So, here are some flower cakes to inspire you. It sure made me smile making them and I hope it will do that same to you to. Enjoy!

Here's a gallery of Flower Cakes to inspire you

How to make two-toned Buttercream Rose Cupcakes

These rose cupcakes are such a classic beauties that they never go out of style.  And you know what? You can make the buttercream roses in two tones and you can do it using only one pastry bag!  Read on and see how easy it is to make...

All buttercream flower cake

All Buttercream Flower Cake

I had a cake tasting for a wedding with my sister's friend last weekend. And since the smell of spring is in the air, I was inspired to make flower cakes as samples...

Make a flower birthday cake

Make a Flower Birthday Cake

Give a flower birthday cake to that special someone when the occassion arises. Here are some ideas for flower birthday cakes...

Spring flwoer cake

Spring Flower Cake

Celebrate the coming of spring with this colorful flower cake. This cake was actually inspired by a wallpaper border. When I saw the pattern, I thought it would...

Rose Cupcakes and Macarons

It is unsually warm for this time of the year in this neck of the woods and the smell of spring is definitely in the air...

Daffodil Cake

A perfect way to celebrate a spring birthday is with a daffodil cake. Daffodils for me really signify the ...

Daisy Cake

Daisy Cake

"Something small and with daisies... my mom loves daisies" as requested by my co-worker. And that is how this daisy cake came about ...

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