How to make Two-toned
Buttercream Rose Cupcakes


These buttercream rose cupcakes are such classic beauties that they never go out of style.  And you know what? You can make the buttercream roses in two tones and you can do it using only one pastry bag!  Read on and see how easy it is to make.

Buttercream Rose Cupcakes

I thought it would be fun to make the buttercream roses with more than just one colour.  Actually when you look at real roses very closely, you will see that most of them have more than one colour.  Sometimes you see it’s darker on the inside of the rose and get lighter on the outside or vice versa.  And sometimes you see that the tips of the petals have a different colour.  

Buttercream Rose Cupcakes

Making the rose in two colours of buttercream gives depth and a nicer dimension. I like it best when the colours are gradient and monochromatic, when the colours are pretty close in tone like let’s say a light pink with a darker pink.  But I have made some roses here that have a stark contrast like white and dark pink just to show clearly the two-tone effect.

These buttercream rose cupcakes may look like they’re so complex to make but check out this video I made and see for yourself how simple it is really.


To make this cupcake you will need:

Cupcakes (I used this Vanilla Cupcake Recipe)
Pastry tip 104
Pastry Bag
Gel colours (I used Americolor Soft Pink and Wilton Rose
Cake Decorating Turntable


My go to vanilla cupcake recipe makes beautifully domed cupcakes which makes it perfect to pipe fuller buttercream roses with.  And of course I love using my go to buttercream which you can find the recipe here

Colour the buttercream to desired colours.  I used Americolor Soft Pink to make the lighter pink buttercream and Wilton Rose for the hot pink buttercream. 

Place two colours of buttercream in a pastry bag fitted with a coupler and pastry tip 104.  To do this, use a small metal spatula and put one colour on one side of the bag. Be careful to leave some space for the other buttercream.  Add the other colour of buttercream and close and twist the top of the bag. I like to use a clear disposable bag so it would be easy to see the colours in the bag.

Line up the thin part of the tip to the colour that you want the top part of the petal to be.  For this cupcake, I wanted the inside of the rose to be white and then dark pink on the outside.  So, first I had the thin part lined up with the white buttercream.  Squeeze some of the buttercream out to check if you got the colour that you want.  Sometimes you have to play with the tip position to get the desired colour. 

Now, let’s start piping the flower.  Place the cupcake in the center of the turntable and use something like and anti-skid material so that the cupcake will not move around.   I like to use a turntable to make these rose cupcakes because it makes it easier to pipe longer petals.  Personally, I like the look of the longer petals.  But you can also do it without and just by holding the cupcake.  But I find that doing this strain my hands and I can’t make longer petals. 

First, make a base in the center of the cupcake. Hold the pastry bag straight up and pipe a cone shaped mound of buttercream in the center of the nail about half an inch high.    Place the tip flat on the cupcake and press the bag with a lot of pressure at first to make a nice fat base and then release the pressure as the bag is lifted up at the same time.

Next, cover the base by placing the tip parallel to the cone, thin side on the top, pipe the center of the rose by turning the cupcake and piping the buttercream at the same time.

Pipe a row of petals all around the center of the rose.  To do this place the wider end of the pastry on the cupcake, lift the bag ever so slightly to make a small arch for each petal.  Overlap each petal with the last one.  

Piping Buttercream Rose Cupcakes

Make two to three more rows of petals.  And for each row, tilt the top (thin) part of the tip a little bit more towards the outside of the rose.

Now the fun part, changing up the colours.  Untwist the coupler just a bit so that you’ll be able to move the pastry tip.  Twist the thin side of the tip so that it will line up with the other colour of the buttercream in the bag. Twist the coupler again to tighten the tip in place.

There will be a bit of the old colour remaining in the tip; you can either squeeze it out to the new colour or keep on using it til the new colour comes out.  But personally, I like seeing the gradual change in colours with the petals. 

Piping a buttercream rose cupcake

Continue piping the petals.  I like the look long stokes of petals and this is where using the turntable really helps.  

Make sure that all of the cupcake is covered with buttercream; uncovered parts of the cupcake will tend to dry out.  

Annnddd there you go, beautiful rose cupcakes!  Now, that wasn't too hard, wasn't it?

Perfect for any special occasion, or just because ;) 

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!


Buttercream Rose Cupcakes Top

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