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I had a cake tasting for a wedding with my sister's friend last weekend.

spring cake

And since the smell of spring is in the air, I was inspired to make flower cakes as samples. I wanted the bride-to-be to taste two of my basic cake flavors, so I made one vanilla and one chocolate cake.

I wanted it fast and easy and, so I made it all the decorations in buttercream. 

These cakes reminds me of an impressionistic painting of a garden by Claude Monet. On most of his garden paintings, one can see just clusters of colors to suggest the flowers. But when one steps back to see the bigger picture, it is actually a garden. 


I chose the pastel colors of pink, purple, yellow and green to color the buttercream.

The first buttercream flower cake I made was a 5" chocolate cake.

flower cakes

I used chocolate buttercream with tip#47 to make the basketweave effect on the side of the cake. As you can see in the photo, I crumb coated it first to keep the crumbs intact.

flower cake basketweave

With pink buttercream and tip # 104, pipe a rose. Using a spatula transfer the rose to the cake and use another spatula or knife to help ease it out of the spatula on to the cake. Make a few more roses and place randomly on the cake.

icing rose how to

Using green icing with tip #18, pipe a few vines or leaves on the cake. Actually, it is best to do this before placing the flowers on the cake.

flower cake

Make a chrysanthemum, using tip# 81 with yellow icing. To pipe the flowers, position the tip on a 45 angle and with heavy pressure first then pulling away as you finish the petal. Pipe the first layer of petal in a circle. Then add another layer of petal and so on until the top is covered. Place random mums around the cake.

flower cake mums

With the purple icing using tip # 104, make a five petal flowers all over the cake. And voila you are done.

flower cake

The second buttercream flower cake is a 6" sponge cake filled with orange marmalade buttercream.

flower cake

I still wanted to make a basketweave on this one but I wanted it to look different. I used a leaf tip # 66 to pipe the basketweave.

basketweave flower cake

Then with tip # 61 and yellow buttercream, I piped a cluster of petals starting from the top then from the side. Make more yellow clusters all around the cake.

flower cake

With pink buttercream and tip # 104, pipe five petal flowers randomly.

flower cake

With purple buttercream and tip # 104, pipe clusters of purple petal this time all over the cake.

flower cake


If you would like to learn more on making buttercream flowers, you can check the online class that I created, Make Fabulous Buttercream Flowers.  It's a comprehensive video class that covers the basics from making buttercream, to making a variety of modern buttercream flowers to assembling the flowers on a cake. Check it out!

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