A Rose-y 50th Birthday Cake

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A friend of mine called on a Wednesday and asked if I can make a 50th birthday cake for her dear aunt for following Saturday. Talk about last minute requests. Feeling bad for asking on such a short notice, she said, "Do whatever is easy for you".

Sometimes the hardest (or longest part) of making a cake is creating the design. Her aunt's name is Rose and she requested that I make a cake inspired by her name. When she said this, I immediately had a vision of writing Rose's name in roses. Hmmm, this is easier than I thought it would be.

So, we discussed a bit more and my friend mentioned that she liked the bridal shower cake I made for her before. "Why not make it somewhere along the same lines of that cake?", she asked. Geez, it's getting easier and easier.

Inspired by the bridal shower cake, this is what I came up with.

50th birthday cake

Buttercream covered cake with fondant decorations. On the bottom tier, fondant circles cut in half were placed on top and bottom. Black buttercream dots were then placed randomly.

The plaque on the top tier was cut out of fondant. First, I drew freehand on a piece of carton one half of the plaque. I then folded it in half on where the middle is suppose to be and cut it following my drawing. The process is similar to cutting paper hearts wherein you fold a paper and cut out the paper.

rose cake

The longest part was making the teeny tiny fondant ribbon roses. They were about 10 mm (3/8") in height. My fingers felt very clumsy handling them. It was especially hard placing them on the plaque of fondant. To attach the roses on the plaque, use a dab of royal icing and place on the plaque.

Lastly, fondant roses were placed to finish the look.

A Rose-y 50th birthday cake

I hope Rose enjoyed her 50th birthday cake. Rose in roses, gotta love that!

Love lots,

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