Heart Cake with Cute Cupcakes

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Surprise that special someone with a personalized heart cake and little cute cupcakes. This heart cake is actually quite versatile. It's good as a valentine cake, bridal shower cake, anniversary cake or birthday cake.

Heart cake with cute cupcakes


Bake the desired cake in a heart shaped cake pan. If you don't have a heart shaped pan, don't despair. You can make a heart cake by using a square cake and a round cake. Make sure though that they are the same size. For example, use a 6" square cake and a 6" round cake. Cut the round cake in the middle to get 2 half-rounds. Place these 2 half-round cakes on 2 sides of the square cake and ta-da! You now have a heart cake.

how to make a heart cake

Frost the cake with pink buttercream. Cut out a long strip of black fondant about 1" in width. Place on top to outline the cake . Add a black bow in the middle. Cut some circles from the fondant and cut each circle in half. Use the half circles as borders on the side of the cake.

For the monogram, print the desired letter and font. Make sure that the font has a certain thickness to it. For this cake I just made up my own font. Cut the letter with an X-ACTO knife. Roll out some black fondant, place the letter template on top and cut with an X-ACTO knife. Let dry for a few minutes, it will be easier to move it. Add a pink flower on the monogram.

heart cake


The cupcakes are pretty simple to do. Use a large star tip like a Wilton tip #1B and pipe a swirl on top. Cut out small flowers from pink and black fondant. Thin with a veining tool starting from the outside petals going towards the center of the flower. For the flower center make little balls of pink and black fondant and attach with a bit of water. For added cuteness, attach a bow on the side of the cupcake.

Cute cupcakes
Heart cupcakes

Now, serve them together and enjoy!

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