Pastel Mini Pumpkin Cakes


A different twist to the classic autumn staple, these pastel mini pumpkin cakes will surely add style to your next fall gathering.

Pastel mini pumpkin cakes

Ok, this fall season I am quite obsessed with pastel coloured pumpkins. 

If you follow me on social media, you will notice that I have quite an affinity for pastel colours.

Pastel pumpkin cakes

And as much as I love the changing of the seasons and its colours, I am called this year to deviate from the usual seasonal colours.  I want to use pastels as opposed to the warm colours of fall.

The colours that I used in this project,  grayish blue and white were actually inspired by a room on a recent trip to a modern day castle called Casa Loma in Toronto.   When I first saw the room, I immediately saw cake! 

Mini pumpkin cake
Casa Loma Toronto Blue Room

It’s not unusual that I would get inspired by sometimes the most random things.  But with my background in interior design, I do get inspired A LOT with decorative details of a designed space.

Casa Loma Toronto Blue Room

So back to the cake, I used mini bundt cake pans to bake the cake in so that I won’t need to carve it into a pumpkin shape.  I used my yellow cake recipe and it gave me 10 mini bundt cakes; I would need 2 mini bundts to make 1 mini pumpkin.

You can also make a bigger pumpkin cake and use a regular sized bundt pan but you would need to bake 2 bundt cakes.  Check my recipe for pumpkin flavoured bundt cake.

I used my favourite buttercream frosting to frost the cake and pipe the flowers with.

Here’s a video I made on how to make the pastel mini pumpkin cakes. 

Pastel Mini Pumpkin Cakes Tutorial

You will need:

2 mini bundt cakes (I used this recipe and baked in mini bundt pans)
Buttercream  frosting
Pastry tip 104
Pastry tip 81
Pastry tip 1 or 2
Pastry tip 352
Wilton Delphinium Blue and Sky Blue
Flower lifter
Pastry bag
mini spatula
cake turntable


Bake the cake in mini bundt cake pans.  Cut of the dome using a serrated knife.

Fill a pastry bag fitted with a coupler with buttercream.  Pipe a layer of buttercream on top of one mini bundt cake.  Place the other cake on top.

mini bundt cake pumpkin
mini bundt cake pumpkin

Using a mini spatula, frost the cake with a thin layer of buttercream to seal in the crumbs.

mini bundt cake pumpkin
mini pumpkin cake

Use a piece of plastic acetate to smooth out the buttercream.   Bend the acetate slightly to conform to the curve of the cake and turn the turntable.  It doesn’t have to be perfectly smooth at this point.

To recreate the fleshy parts of the pumpkin between the ribs, pipe columns of buttercream with about 1” spacing between columns.

mini pumpkin cake
buttercream pumpkin cake

First, smooth the columns out using a mini spatula, try to cover the cake as much as possible.  If some of the cake is showing, add a dab of buttercream to cover it up.  Then use the acetate to get a smoother finish.

buttercream pumpkin cake tutorial
pumpkin cake scraper

Recreate the ribs by indenting the cake with the spatula.

mini pumpkin cake scraper
mini pumpkin cake

Smooth out the indents  using the acetate.  You can cover the hollow part on the top of the cake with buttercream but it is optional. 

mini white pumpkin cake
mini pumpkin cake

Pipe some roses on top of a flower nail using the pastry tip 104.  Use a flower lifter to carefully place the flower on top of the cake.  Repeat with a couple more roses.

mini pumpkin cake with buttercream flowers
mini pumpkin cake with buttercream flowers

Pipe some chrysanthemums using pastry tip 81 carefully lace on the cake as well.

Pipe some vines on the side of the pumpkin using tip 1 or 2. 

mini pumpkin cake with buttercream flowers
mini pumpkin cake with buttercream flowers

Use pastry tip 352 to pipe some leaves.  I like to pipe bigger leaves beside the flowers, then smaller trailing leaves on the side.

To make the stem, using just the coupler as the tip, pipe the stem on the center top by pressing the bag with a lot pressure and letting the buttercream build up.  Then use a flower lifter and cut the stem to flatten the top.

mini pumpkin cake with buttercream flowers
mini pumpkin cake with buttercream flowers
mini pumpkin cakes with flowers
White pumpkin cake with blue flowers

This cake will make a perfect centerpiece for Thanksgiving or any fall celebration.  Enjoy!


mini pumpkin cake tutorial

Pastel Mini Pumpkin Cakes Top

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