Halloween Cake :
Decorating a Candy Corn Cake

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So its the last weekend before Halloween and it's crunch time before the day. If you are thinking of what Halloween cake to make, how about a candy corn cake? I promise you it's super easy.

halloween cake

Sweets are my weakness. I like cakes, cookies, pastries, even sweet soups, but candies - not so much. I only have a handful of candies that I like - caramels, gummi bears and very rarely, I would crave for some sour candies. Candy corn though, that's a different story. I. love. candy. corn.

So, I decided to combine two things that I love - candy corn and cake. It's dangerous having a bag of this sweet, buttery, chewy goodness around me. Really dangerous for my waistline that is. I was even afraid I won't have enough to decorate this cake.

candy corns

The fun thing with decorating with candy corns is that because of its shape and color, you can create fun patterns with it.

Here I made a pattern of flowers. Big ones and small ones. It's not really a spooky, creepy kind of cake but a girly, girly kind of Halloween cake. It's just my kind of cake :)

candy corn cake

And there is a nice surprise for the inside of the cake too. For the cake itself, I was inspired with the colors of the candy corn. I used the yellow cake recipe and divided the batter into 3 equal parts. I colored one part orange, one part yellow and one part uncolored. I used 6" round pans for this cake.

candy corn cake sliced

For the centers of the flowers, I used black fondant. I also used it for the ruffle border around the cake. For the ruffles I used wood dowels to help create the waves.

candy corn cake and piece

So there you have it - a candy corn cake.

candy corn piece of cake

Have a fun and safe Halloween!


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