Masquerade Cake

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So to continue from the last post, here is the final product - the masquerade cake. Previously, I made mask out of gum paste and let it dry. The cake itself is quite simple in design but the mask is the main focal point.

Masquerade cake

The cake is slightly tapered from the bottom. I used 2 different sized cakes, one 10" and one 9",and I placed the smaller cake at the bottom with the bigger cake on top. I then covered the cake in pink buttercream.

tapered cake

Using a template, I cut out a diamond shape from black fondant and placed on the edge of the cake as shown.

At first I added little black fondant balls on the points of the diamonds but the ones that I added on the sides of the cake kept sliding down. Cutting the balls in half and placing the flat side against the cake solved the problem. It worked out really well and I actually liked it better this way.

design on side of masquerade cake

To cover the cake board, I rolled a long log of black fondant thin.

rolling fondant thin

I then cut one side straight with the help of a ruler and place that side against the cake. To make the fondant stick to the board, you can moisten the board with water or spread a thin layer of piping gel. I then trimmed the excess fondant.

diamond fondant design

A plaque was made out of gum paste using the template. It needs a couple of days to dry so please keep that in mind. I then finished decorating it and wrote the name with black royal icing. You can also use buttercream but it will not get hard like the royal icing, so be careful when handling it.

gum paste plaque with royal icing

After I placed the gum paste mask and the plaque on the cake, I was to declare cake as finished.

But then I felt something was missing, it did not feel like the cake was done yet.

masquerade cake

I tried laying the mask down. Nope, that's not it.

masquerade cake

I just kept staring at the empty, black space on the cake board. It was just screaming for me to add something.

I think I may have an aversion to empty spaces. So, before I realized it, I started piping quiggly, swirly lines with pink buttercream.

piped swirled lines

Ahh, that felt better ;)

masquerade cake
masquerade cake

So, what do you think? Is it better with the swirlies or is it too much?

Masquerade Cake Top
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