Easy Gift Box Cake Tutorial

This gift box cake is simple to make and yet it adds a lot of fun in your cake design. I enjoy making and giving them because it has a dual purpose - it's a cake and a gift all in one!

Easy Gift Box Cake Tutorial

There are a lot of variations in gift box cakes but this tutorial uses buttercream to make the lid of the gift box.

Decorate it with a nice bow, or loops with a plaque to write the greetings and you are all set!

Here are the steps in how to make the gift box cake:

Frost the cake and smooth the sides. You don't need to have the top perfect at this point. Place the cake in the fridge or freezer just long enough to firm up the buttercream. But before putting the cake in fridge, measure the height of the cake.

Easy Gift Box Cake Tutorial

While waiting for the cake to firm up, we will make the guide for the lid. For this we will need parchment or wax paper, ruler and scissors. I want a lid that is about 1". So, I took the measurement of the height of the cake, which in this case is 3 1/2", and subtracted 1" from that; it comes out to 2 1/2". Cut strips of the paper with the height of 2 1/2"; the length is not that important. I usually just take the width in what the parchment came with. Make enough strips to cover the whole sides of the cake.

Now, take the chilled cake out of the fridge or freezer and place the parchement on the sides. Guide and smooth it out with your hands. That's why you need the buttercream to be firm so that you would leave any hand prints on the cake and also for the parchement not to stick to the buttercream. You can overlap the paper strips if they are too short. You have to work fairly quickly at this point so that the buttercream will not get too soft.

gift box cake tutorial

Take another color of buttercream and spread on the top and the upper part of the side of the cake with a metal spatula. Make sure that it is about 1/8" thick, so you will have a prominent lid. Smooth out the sides then the top.

gift box cake tutorial
Easy Gift Box Cake Tutorial

Now, with the buttercream still soft, find the end of the paper and pull it out carefully. Now, you have a nice edge to your lid.

how to make a gift box cake
Easy Gift Box Cake Tutorial


TIP : Before placing any decorations on the cake, make sure that the lid is firm. Do this by chilling the cake in the refrigerator or freezer.

Decorate with a bow, in this case a fondant loop bow . Take some icing, the same colour of the lid and with a tip # 2, place random dots on sides of the cake.

gift box cake
gift box cake with loops

And ta-da, an instant gift box cake!

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