How to Make 
A Giant Swirly Cupcake

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I’ve been meaning to write this giant swirly cupcake post.

THREE years ago. 

giant cupcake cake

I edited and uploaded the pictures in 2013 and then forgot about it.  For future readers, we are in January 2016 as I post this tutorial. 

I’ve been doing some housekeeping and discovered these pictures in my website server.  

And yeah I could just forget about it since there are hundreds of tutorials already out there on how to make giant cupcakes but what the heck these edited pictures need to fulfill its destiny of a written tutorial.  Now who am I to stop that J

Giant Cupcake Cake Tutorial

Cupcake cakes

The giant cupcake cake part is actually pretty simple to make.  For this one I used a 5” round cake, a 6” round cake and half a sphere cake.  For the half sphere cake, I used the ball pan to bake the cake in.  

So, I started by making the bottom part of the “cupcake” first.  I built this part upside down, so on the cake board, I stacked the 6” then the 5” on top of that.   Doing it this way will make it easier to frost with buttercream and cover with fondant later.  

I had to do a little bit of carving for this one to make the sides smooth and tapered.  I then frosted it with buttercream and then let it chill in the fridge for a few minutes until it is firm.  

giant cupcake cake tutorial

I then covered it with brown fondant then indented some lines on the side using a straight edge triangle.  You can also use a knife or any ruler to do this.  I just happen to have a triangle close by on hand. 

Then I brushed on some brown food powder to accentuate the indents.

giant cupcake cake

Next, I worked on the top part of the cupcake.  I first frosted the cake with buttercream then let it firm up in the fridge before proceeding.  It is always a good idea to let the cake chill to firm up the buttercream before adding decorations.  

To make the swirl on the cupcake, I rolled out a long piece of fondant “snake” then coiled that around the half sphere like in the picture.

giant cupcake cake

I then took the bottom part again, and then flipped that over, so that the wider part would be on top.  I frosted the top with buttercream then placed the half sphere cake.  I don’t remember putting dowels in the cake.  It was a small cake and it held up fine.  But if the cake is bigger, I would definitely add dowels to support the top cake. 

fondant cupcake

I covered the top part with pink fondant.  Using my fingers, I carefully smoothed out the fondant following the coiled fondant snake.  I cut out the excess fondant on the bottom and tucked it under most bottom part of the fondant snake.  

cupcake tutorial

And last but not the least; to complete the giant cupcake I made the cherry out of red fondant and added a stem that was made a few days before and was bone dry.   If you don’t have time to dry the stem, you can cut a piece of floral wire then cover it with fondant.  Just make sure you tell the people that this piece it not edible. 

fondant cherry

And that’s it folks!  Hope you find this giant cupcake cake tutorial helpful! 


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