Superman Cake
for a Clark Kent Birthday Party 


I am so honoured to have made this Superman cake for this special little superboy. 

I was deeply touched when I was told the story of why they chose the superhero theme for this baby boy’s 1st birthday.  He had conquered many a battle within his first year of life than many of us has gone thru most of our lives.  He is a fighter, an inspiration and indeed a real life superhero.

Superman cake

Although it was a Superman birthday party, the main theme focused more on the human side of Superman – his secret identity as a writer/journalist Clark Kent.  I was given the colors baby blue, yellow and beige by the party’s  planner Heartmuch Weddings & Events and pretty much given carte blanche with the design. 

So for the design, I decided to go a bit more on the retro comic book route and added elements that were decidedly Clark Kent – a pair of glasses, necktie, a press pass and a note pad with pencil. 

fondant notepad and pencil
Superman Logo in gumpaste

For the glasses, I printed a template of an eyeglass (just Googled it) on paper and cut it a craft knife.  I rolled a thin piece of black gumpaste and placed  the template on top and carefully cut it.  It helps to smear a bit of shortening on the underside of the template to help it stick to the gumpaste.  I let it dry for a day and assembled the pieces with some royal icing.  

Gum paste eyeglasses
Gum paste eyeglasses

I customized the Superman logo with the celebrant’s initial, which is “D”.  I have a  letter “D” cutter and made my own template of the shape of the logo to fit it. I did it by simply drawing a square and snipping one corner off.  I used that to make and cut the “background”.  

Then I used the same template, cut the inside part out and used that to cut out the logo part.  Then I just fitted the letter “D” in.  

How to make Superman logo
How to make Superman logo

For the “POW”,  I freehand cut the letters and the yellow background. 

Superman cake

For the collar I just cut 2 strips of white fondant with one of the ends on a pointy “V” shape.  

I used gumpaste to make the stars, the number 1 and the speech bubble.  I used a black edible marker to write on the speech bubble. I made all these 1-2 days before.

Superman cake

The newspaper was actually the invitation and I had it printed out on edible sheet.   I rolled out a thin piece of white fondant, brushed on some a wee bit of water and attached the printed sheet and cut it to size.  

Of course, I really wanted to add the classic phone booth – Superman’s favorite changing room.  I also had that printed out on the edible sheet.

I also really wanted to add the Daily Planet building but there wasn’t much space so I just decided to add a shadowed cityscape all around the back of the cake.  I think the little planet was my favorite part.

Daily planet building
Superman cake

I also made Superman inspired cookies and meringues.

Blue meringue

Here are a few more images from the party.  Heartmuch Weddings and Events did a great job designing and putting together this 1st birthday party dessert table. Pictures courtesy of Adi Photography.

Superman dessert table
Superman cookies

I love the little details like vintage typewriter and newspaper party hats.  I had no idea what the decorations were before but I was so glad to see that the cake blended in perfectly!  You can find more pictures of this awesome Clark Kent party here

Clark Kent party theme
Clark Kent party theme
Superman Cake for Clark Kent 1st birthday party

I hope you enjoyed this Superman cake post.  And for little baby Derrick, you are a true inspiration, a real superhero in our hearts! 

Love lots,

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