Gum Paste Teacup Tutorial

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This tutorial for gum paste teacup is long overdue. I made this teapot cake quite a while back with the little teacups. And while I've always meant to include a step-by step guide on how to make the gum paste teacups, life got in the way and I somehow forgot to make this tutorial.

gum paste teacup

Just a note,these babies need to be made ahead to allow for drying time. Make it at least a week before using it.



Gum Paste
Mini Rolling Pin
Mini Wonder Mold Pan
Gum Paste Dresden Tool
Gum paste ball tool
Royal icing 


Dust the mini wonder mold pan heavily with cornstarch

Roll out the gum paste to about 1/8" thickness or less. The thinner it is, the more realistic it will look.

Place the rolled gum paste in the doll pan. I used the back of my hand to carefully guide it into the pan.

gum paste teacup
gum paste teacup

Cut excess gum paste with knife.

gumpaste teacup

Thin out the top edges of the teacup with your finger.

gum paste teacup tutorial

This step is optional, but I like a whimsical looking teacup so I created a wave on top using a gum paste dresden tool.

how to make gum paste teacup

Create a teacup base by creating a ring of gum paste.

gum paste teacups

To know how big you need it be you need to place it around the base of the pan. This way will also form fit the ring to the cup.

gum paste teacups

Again this part may vary, you can leave the ring as is or make different styles with it. So to recreate the wave on the base of the cup, I pressed the gum paste ball tool on equal intervals.

gum paste

For the handle, first I drew a sketch of it first on paper. Then I rolled a piece of gum paste into a log and placed it on top of my sketch. I didn't want my gum paste to touch the paper, so I placed a piece of wax paper on top of the paper.

gum paste teacup handle

I then followed the sketch cut the excess with a knife. Let dry on a piece of soft foam so that one side would not flatten out.

gum paste teacup handle

Let the pieces dry for about 2 days. After the first day, the cup part is a bit dry but not completely. Carefully take it out of the pan and let it continue drying upside down.

Assemble the pieces together by "gluing" them with royal icing. For the handle, let it rest against something, in my case I just set it against the sides of the the cookie sheet pan. This way it is the handle is pushed against the cup while drying.

gum paste teacup handle

If you find that the gum paste teacup is not very smooth of a bit wrinkled, use a thin royal icing and sort of spackle the cup to smooth it out.

Decorate as you wish. You can use petal or metallic luster dusts to decorate. For this cup I used gold dust mixed with lemon essence and used it to highlight the edges. I colored the royal icing to pink and green and used a round tip to pipe three pink dots in to a triangle. I also piped pink dots on the bottom to decorate it. I also used a leaf tip to pipe three small leaves around the dots.

For the doilies, I used a round cutter with scalloped edges. I then used the dresden tool to make some texture near the edges.

gum paste tea cup tutorial
tea party

Let dry for about a day. Then pair it with a teapot cake and you are now ready for a tea party!

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