Gum Paste Daffodil Tutorial

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Make this gum paste daffodil flower for a fun, spring time cake project. Daffodils are dainty little flowers that are always the first to bloom in spring. It usually comes in yellow color. Some species comes in white or very light yellow petals with yellow or orange cup in the middle.

gum paste daffodil tutorial

It is actually quite easy to make this gum paste flower. The only thing is that the petals can get very fragile and one has to be very careful in handling them. Be sure to let it dry at least for a day before putting them on the cake.

This gum paste daffodil tutorial with pictures will guide you on how to make one. Enjoy!


Gum paste
Yellow gel color
Small rolling pin
Daffodil three petal cutter (one shown is from Wilton )
CelCakes Sugarcraft Modelling Forms - Shallow
Flower veiner
Gum paste ball tool
Gum paste veining tool
Small metal spatula
Gum glue
small paint brush
Flower stamens


Color the gum paste with yellow gel paste. You can make the flower all yellow or you can make the petals white and the cup in the center yellow.

To make the outside petals, roll out the gum paste very thinly and cut with a daffodil cutter. Dust the work surface with a bit of cornstarch to avoid sticking. You can cut them one at a time as you go or cut a few at a time and keep the other ones under a plastic wrap.

gum paste daffodil

Transfer the petal to a soft piece of foam. Thin the edges with the ball tool.

gum paste daffodils

Take the foam with the cut petal and press to a flower veiner. Mark a vein in the middle of the petals with the gum paste veiner tool.

sugar paste daffodils

Pinch the edges of the petal together.

gumpaste daffodils

Carefully, place on a flower former with the help of a small metal spatula. Make another petal. Apply a bit of gum glue on the middle of the first petal and place the second petal on top. Secure in place by pressing lightly with a gum paste ball tool.

gumpaste daffodil

To make the cup in the center, take a piece of gum paste about the size of 3/4" ball.

make a gum paste daffodil

Make a cone shape from the gum paste ball. Make a cup by slowly rotating the ball tool in the middle of the cone until it is halfway inside.

gum paste daffodil

Place the cone on the foam and pull out the edges with the veining tool. Do this all the way around the cup.

gum paste daffodils

Brush some gum glue in the middle of the petal and press the cup in the middle with the help of a ball tool.

gum paste daffodil

Fold the flower stamen, dip folded end in the gum glue and insert in the middle of the cup. Let the finished gum paste daffodil dry in the flower former at least for a day.

gum paste daffodil

And here it is on a cake.

daffodil cake

Happy Spring everyone!


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