Gum Paste Calla Lily

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There's something about the calla lily that speaks classic elegance. Maybe that's why it's commonly used in weddings and other formal occasions. It is one of the favorite flowers used in wedding cakes. Although white calla lilies are a favorite at weddings, colored lilies - ranging from burnt orange to dark plum red are also used more and more.

gum paste calla lily

Making a gum paste calla lily is really not that hard. Like the other gum paste flowers, it just takes a lot of patience. And if you are like me, making gum paste flowers is like my therapy, then you will enjoy making this one too.

A cutter is not even needed but it will make life a tad bit easier. A heart cutter is a good option to use and is more accessible. If you think you are going to make calla lilies a lot, then a cally lily cutter and a veiner is a good investment.

Since I don't make tons of calla lilies, I made my own template. I had a plastic calla lily flower from the dollar store and what I did was I took it apart and traced it on paper and cut it. I've included the calla lily template in this tutorial. Simply print on paper or cardstock, cut and start making that fabulous flower!



Gum paste
Yellow gel color
Granulated sugar
Gum glue
Mini Rolling Pin
Gum Paste Wire
Long Nose Plier
Heart or calla lily cutter or calla lily template
Craft Knife
Ball Shape Tool
Veining Tool
Cooling/Drying Rack
Fondant Shaping Foam
Yellow and green petal dusts
Paper cones


Make the center of the flower by coloring some gum paste with yellow gel color. Roll in between the palm of the hands and make a tapered log. Use some shortening in the hands so it will not stick. The length of the center is about 3/4 of the length of the petal.

Bend the end of the wire with a long nose plier into a small hook. Moisten the wire with tylose glue and insert into the gum paste center.

gum paste calla lily

This part is optional - brush the center with more glue and roll in yellow colored granulated sugar. To color the sugar, simply add a small drop of yellow gel color and rub it into the sugar until well blended.

Gum paste calla lily tutorial

Hang the centers in a rack and let dry overnight.

how to make gum paste calla lily

To make the calla lily petal, roll out the gumpaste very thin. Dust the work surface with a bit of cornstarch so that the gum paste will not stick. Place the template on top of the gum paste and cut around it with a craft knife.

gumpaste calla lily

Carefully take out the cut out shape.

Gum paste calla lily tutorial

Sometimes the edges are a bit thick and rough, so I like to thin out the edges with my fingers.

gumpaste calla lilies

Place gum paste on a foam and thin out the edges with a ball tool.

Gum paste calla lily tutorial

Make some veins by running the vein tool from center to top. Let the lines fan out from the center.

Gum paste calla lily tutorial

Take the gum paste and wrap it around the index finger. You can also do this wrapping the paste around the paper cone.

gum paste calla lily

Carefully curl out the edges a little bit.

Gum paste calla lily tutorial

Let it hang dry on the paper cone for about 30 minutes.

gum paste calla lily how to

After 30 minutes, take the center and apply a little bit of glue on the bottom part. Carefully insert in to the petal cone. Let dry on a foam or hang it up-side down on a rack.

Dust the inside with desired color, in this case some yellow. Dust the part where it petal meets the wire with some yellow and green. To have a dreamy, pearlescent effect, dust it with some pearl dust. You can also wrap the wire with green florist tape to make it thicker and appear more realistic.

gum paste calla lily
calla lily wedding cake

Hope you'll enjoy making this one!


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