How to Make a Fondant Bow

A fun way to add pizzaz to your cake is by adding a fondant bow. A bow adds a touch of cuteness and is actually quite versatile to use. You can use it on a cake for different occasions such as birthdays for kids and adults alike, cakes for babies, wedding cakes, etc.

The bow can be made out of fondant or gumpaste. I almost always use fondant just because it is more readily available to me. I use gumpaste if I have it on hand. I find I can roll the gumpaste thinner than the fondant and it makes a more realistic looking bow that way. Colour the paste to the shade that you want.

You can also create fun design and patterns on the bow. Add stars, dots, stripes, any shapes you can think of in different colors and sizes.


The tools that you need to make a gumpaste or fondant bow are: fondant or gumpaste, ruler, pizza cutter, rolling pin, paper towel, cornstarch for dusting the work surface, scraper or metal spatula to help lift off stuck fondant, and a fine brush.

fondant bow

Roll out the paste using a rolling pin to about 1/8" thickness.

fondant bow

Using a pizza cutter and the ruler as a guide, cut 2 rectangular shapes of about 2 1/2" by 6". This measurement is only a guide, you can make smaller or larger bows than this.

gumpaste bow

Brush one side of the rectangle with water.

fondant bow

Make some kind of a tube with the paper towel by rolling or folding it over. You will insert this inside the rectangle to open up the bow.

fondant bow

Fold the rectangle from one end to the other and pinch the ends together.

fondant bow
fondant loop bow

Make the tails of the ribbon bows by cutting 2 more rectangles. The width should be the same as the loops but the length can vary depending on the look that you want to achieve. Cut a V-shape on one end if you want a fish tail end. You can also cut it on a 45 degree angle. Pinch the uncut ends together. Cover the tails with plastic sheet over it to avoid drying too fast.

fondant bow tails

For the "knot" middle of the bow, cut a piece roughly 2 1/2" by 2 1/2". Fold the two ends about 1/4" inside.

fondant bow tutorial

Turn it over and make some creases in the middle.

fondant bow tutorial

Place the pinch sides of the loop facing each other. Brush the underside of the small piece of fondant with water or gum glue. Place it on top of the pinched ends of the loop and tuck it underneath.

how to make fondant bow

Let the finish bow dry until it holds it shape. Brush it with luster dust to add some sparkle.

fondant bow

Place the tails on the cake. Then set the bow on top of the tails by using buttercream or royal icing. You can either place it laying down...

fondant bow

... or standing up.


You can make the fondant bow smaller or have a different look by cutting the rectangles thinner. The same method as applies with some variations. For this bow, I cut 1" strips and I didn't stuff the inside of the loop to make it look flat.

fondant bow how to

Now here's a different kind of bow!

small fondant bow

And now you can have more fun with it! It doesn't have to be just a plain ribbon bow, it can have polka dots, stripes, creative!

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