First Birthday Cake for a Girl

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This first birthday cake has all the ingredients for a perfect little cake for a perfect little girl. Flowers and bows and a dainty pink color makes it all that sweet.

First Birthday Cake for a Girl



2 cakes - 6" and 9" round
buttercream (uncolored and pink and a bit of brown)
fondant (in white, light pink & dark pink)
small flower cutters
gum paste ball tool
clay gun


The day before the cake is to be assembled, make 2 large fondant bows and one small one from light pink fondant. Make extra for breakage.

Cut some flowers from white and pink fondants. Place on a foam. Thin and cup it by using a gum paste ball tool in a circular motion. Set aside.

Print out on a piece of paper a large number 1. Cut this and use this as a guide to cut on the fondant. Roll our the fondant a bit thick between 1/8" and 1/4". I used an exacto knife to trace the number 1 on the fondant. Let dry.

Fill and frost 6" cake with uncolored BC. Then color the rest of the buttercream pink and use it for the 9" cake. Place both cake in the fridge to firm up the frosting.

ball tool for gum paste flower

Cut stripes of random widths from the white and dark pink fondant. Place on the bigger cake.

Stack the 6" on top of the 9" cake.

For the borders, you need to make fondant ropes. To make it, place dark pink fondant in the clay gun. Using the trilobe attachment, squeeze out a long log of fondant.

clay gun for cake decorating
clay gun die

To make longer logs, when you are almost half way through the barrel of the clay gun, just open it up and add some more fondant, close it then squeeze some more.

clay gun press

Once the log is ready, roll up one end going upwards then roll up the other end going downwards. Place the rope on the cakes.

making fondant rope

Place the flowers and bows on the cake as pictured. Using brown buttercream and a small round tip, add a dot in the center of the flowers.

Roll out some white fondant and cut a long rectangle. Write the greeting using brown buttercream.

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