Easter Cake
with Marshmallow Bunny

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This Easter cake is a fun project to do with the kids.  Topped with a DIY marshmallow bunny and tons of chocolate egg candies, it’s fun and pretty simple to make. 

Easter Cake with Marshmallow Bunny

Easter Cake with three flavours

Easter cakes are right up there on my favourite cakes to make.  If you’ve been following this blog or my Instagram, you would notice that I love pastel colours.  And I adore all things cutesy, so I feel really at home with Easter cakes.  And don’t even start with the chocolates!

For this cake, I thought it would be so much fun if it’s colourful not just on the outside but on the inside as well.  So I made one recipe of the The Ultimate Vanilla Cupcake and divided the batter into three equal parts and gave it different colours and flavours.  I chose to flavour it strawberry, lemon and orange.  I used flavoured emulsions and extracts but adding flavour is optional.  You can just colour the batter and not flavour it.  

Easter Cake with Marshmallow Bunny

As always, I used my fave Italian Meringue Buttercream for the frosting and coloured it pink, yellow and orange.  Here’s a tip for you, make the pink and yellow butter cream first.  If there are any leftovers with the two colours, you can combine them together to make the orange colour.  I had to add additional orange gel colour to give it a deeper shade of orange. 

Easter Cake with Marshmallow Bunny
Tri-coloured cake

Check out this video on how to make this Easter cake. 

Marshmallow Bunny Pops

Easter Cake with Marshmallow Bunny

When I first tried making the marshmallow bunny topper, I did not intend it to be on a stick.  But for the life of me, I just could not make the bunny hold together.  The bunny would not sit straight and the ears kept falling over.  Sigh. 

I decided to insert a lollipop stick and hey, I got a marshmallow pop.  I just love when happy accidents happen.

I used large marshmallows for this project but I can imagine using smaller ones too, to make smaller bunnies. I think that would be cute too ;)


Large marshmallows
Lollipop sticks 6"
White candy melts
Heart sprinkles
Black Sugar Pearls

To make the body and face of the bunny, place a marshmallow on its side and attach it with melted candy melts to the flat side of another marshmallow.
To make the legs, take another marshmallow and cut it in the half with a pair of scissors.
Cut it in half to make two half circles.
To make the bunny ears, take the other half of the marshmallow and cut it crosswise.
Here you have the face with body on the left, the ears on top and the legs on the bottom.
Take the ears and press it on one sticky side into pink decorating sugar.
Insert the lollipop stick from the bottom part of the body all thru the head and with about 3/4" overhang. Pipe some melted candy melts on the sticky side of the half circle and attach it to the bottom part of the body.
To attach the bunny ears, pipe some candy melts on to the back side of the overhang. Also pipe a dot of the candy melt on the bottom of the ear. Press the ear to the stick.
Do the same with the other ear but this time place it on the front of the stick. Press until it stick together.
Add the mouth by attaching an inverted heart sprinkle with a dot of candy melt. Attach two black sugar pearls for the eyes as well.
Add a bunny tail using 1/4 of a circle of marshmallow.
Now it's ready as a pop or as a cake topper!
Easter Cake with Marshmallow Bunny

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.  Happy Easter! 


Marshmallow Bunnies Tutorial

Easter Cake with Marshmallow Bunny Top
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