Glam Baptism Cake
with Wafer Paper Flowers

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I had the most pleasure of making this glamorous baptism cake for a sweet baby girl.  

baptism cake, wafer paper flowers

I really love it when the client gives me carte blanche as to the design of the cake.  And I love the fact that this can be an all the way girly girl cake.  It’s just my favorite cake to do. 

I never made flowers from wafer paper before.  It’s the rage right now.  I know I’m pretty late in this game.  That’s because I’m really a gum paste and buttercream flower kinda girl; these are my fave mediums to use. 

However, I have to leave my comfort zone a bit.  The event stylist showed me a concept board for the party and when I saw the picture of a wall of paper flowers, I know that I need to use wafer paper to get the same feel and look.

wafer paper flowers

Thank goodness for good ole Google and I found this page of videos for making wafer paper flowers.   Stevi Auble is an expert on wafer paper that I follow and check out her book for more info.  I’ll let it to the experts to explain how to do it but pictured here below are the cutters I used and the type of flowers it made. 

wafer paper flowers

glam baptism cake : wafer paper flowers

I made flower centers from a bit of fondant attached on wire and inserted this thru the flower.

wafer paper flowers

I colored the wafer paper by airsbrushing both sides very lightly and in layers.  For the mocha color, I used brown airbrush color then also airbrushed a bit of Americolor gold sheen on top.  Make sure wafer papers are all dry before using them.  

wafer paper flowers

I used some gold dust with a bit of vodka and brushed it on the cake.  At first the gold was beading and would not paint properly to the cake so I let it dry first and went back at it again with the gold and a dry brush.

gold dust paint

As for the cake itself, I wanted to add a spacer in between the cakes to give it some more height and also so that the flowers can be tucked in a little bit.  I cut out circle foam core boards an inch smaller than the cake on top, glued it together and covered it with fondant the same color as the cake. 

To make sure that the top cake would not topple over, I inserted a center dowel thru all the cakes.  

cake tiers with spacer
wafer paper flowers

For the cross, I brushed on some piping gel and attached edible sugar pearls.  Honestly, this part kinda tested my patience.  I didn’t realize that on closer look, the beads do differ in sizes, really just a hair bigger or smaller, but it made a world of a difference.  Ok ok maybe I’m being overdramatic here, but it was challenging lining up all those beads.

edible pearl beads cross

Here is the beautiful set up with the baptism cake by Heartmuch Event Styling. I love how the cake matched the decor perfectly!

Glamorus Dessert table

I’ll show how I made the blingy buntings in the second part of this post. So stay tuned!

*Update: You can find the tutorial on how to make the blingy wafer paper bunting here.

Happy caking,

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