Baby Boy Baptism Cake

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The inspiration for this baby boy baptism cake came from the invitation.  My friend had requested for me to make a cake for their little precious boy, Joaquim, for his christening day.

Baby boy baptism cake

Inspiration for this Baby boy baptism cake

Getting inspiration for a baby boy’s baptism cake doesn’t come as easy for me than if I was making one for a girl.  My immediate response for a baby girl’s cake would be cuteness overload – throw in some bows and flowers or butterflies and other cutesy bits and pieces.   

Inspiration finally came to me when I saw the invitation.  The invitation was elegant and had an old French flavour to it. Honestly it didn’t looked like an invitation for a baby, it could easily have been used for a wedding too.   I took the colors of light turquoise blue and black and used that as the base colors of the cake.

I also took the monogram of the invitation, searched for the font (in this case was Chevalier Becker).  I printed the letter and traced it with black royal icing and let it dry.  When tracing letters or images, place a piece of parchment or wax paper over the paper being traced, and then follow the shape by piping the royal icing.  When done, set it aside to dry.  When the royal icing is dry, carefully peel off the parchment or wax paper.  To attach the monogram to the cake, pipe dots of royal icing under the monogram and carefully place on the cake. 

Royal Icing monogram

I then added some fondant blocks and a gum paste teddy bear to make the cake more baby-ish.   The charming teddy bear is totally inspired by Andrea’s Sweetcakes little bear.

Gum paste teddy bear

I think the longest part of making this cake was making the fondant blocks.  The blocks can be made ahead of time, a few days before finishing the cake. 

Fondant Baby Blocks

To make the blocks, first I made one block to size that I wanted.  I took 2 fondant smoothers then I would tap it from the sides, then the top, turn, tap from the other sides, turn and tap until I was happy with the cube shape. 

How to Make Fondant Baby Blocks
How to Make Fondant Baby Blocks

Then I had to do it 6 more times.

I measured the weight of the first block and used that to measure six other blocks.  Doing it this way will make the blocks the same size. I used the first block as a guide to make the other blocks.  By the time I got to the letter Q, how I wished that it was just a 4 letter name.  AAnnnywayyy...

For the letters on the blocks I used the FMM Script Tappit Cutters Set.

For the embossed impressions on the fondant I used a mini quilter patchwork cutter. 

Lastly I used a 1/8” black ribbon to go around the cakes and make the bow.

Baby Bow Baptism Cake

If you have any questions regarding how this baby boy baptism cake was made, just contact me!


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