Easy Whipped Cream Recipe

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This whipped cream recipe is as easy as it gets. It is also called crème chantilly or Chantilly cream. There is a difference between whipped cream and chantilly. What's the difference? Vanilla and sugar. Once you add these two to whipped cream, then it gets its fancy name.

I got this recipe back in pastry school. It is more the ratio of the sugar to the cream that has really stuck in my mind. The amount of sugar is 10% of the amount of cream. This is really easy to remember especially if you are making large batches of whipped cream recipe for production.

This frosting is right on top there with my favorites, probably in the top five. I really do love the taste of the real deal - 35% cream and real vanilla. Use with fruits as filling for cakes. Or add crumbled chocolate cookies to fill a chocolate cake. It's great frosting cakes with it too. Just make sure that cake is chilled until serving time.

To get the best results in whipping cream, chill the bowl and beaters in the freezer before using it. You will get the best volume this way. And always keep an eye on it while making it, or else you will unexpectedly have extra butter in your hands. Ask me how I know this.

Whipped Cream Recipe


250 gm 35% cream
25 gm powdered sugar
1 tsp.vanilla


  • Mix all ingredients together and beat until stiff peaks form.


Cocoa whipped cream: Add 2 tbsp. to cream. Let stand for about an hour to let the cocoa dissolve before beating it.

Green Tea whipped cream: Add 2 tsp. powdered green tea to sugar and mix well before adding to the cream.

Raspberry Jam whipped cream: Whisk 1/4 cup of raspberry jam with 1 tbsp. water. Strain if desired. Add to whipped cream while still at soft peaks stage. Then beat until stiff peaks form when beater is raised.

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