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Sparkly Cupcake Toppers


It’s the first week of the New Year 2014 and I hope that you guys are having a great year so far. 

I debated if I wanted to post this tutorial on how to make these sparkly cupcake toppers for the champagne cupcakes because I thought it is kinda too late since the first day of New Year’s had already past. 

Sparkly Cupcake Topper

But then again, what the heck, I might as well since (1) I already have the pictures and (2) the rest of the year is still 2014 after all... yeah 357 more days of it.  And someone may actually find this useful for their projects after all. 

Gosh, let me warn you though, once you start using the sparkly gold dust, it’s hard to stop!  Happens to me all the time– I just want to sparkle dust everything! I get a kick from seeing something that was blah be transformed into something fab!  

Yeah, I know, it doesn’t take much to make me giddy with delight.

Sparkly Cupcake Topper

You can use any number, silhouette or shape that you like for your cupcakes or for a certain decoration for a cake.  You can add the sparkle just on the edges or just to one side.  I had made stars on wires for cakes before and just sparkle dusted the edges. 


First, print out the number or image of a silhouette that you like on paper.  I prefer to use a sharp x-acto knife than scissors to cut out the number.

I used gum paste for this particular project so that it will dry faster but you can also use fondant or a mix of both.  Roll out a piece of gum paste or fondant and place the cut out number on top.  Rub some shortening on the underside of the cut out to make it stick to the rolled gum paste. Use the x-acto knife and carefully cut the shape.

cut out gum paste

I like placing the cut out pieces on top of foam because it dries faster.  Let the pieces dry overnight. 

gum paste numbers

When the pieces are dry and hard, place it on a piece of paper or wax paper.  By using paper underneath, you can save the dusts and put it back again in the container. 

Brush on some shortening on the dried pieces.  Make sure to brush on the places where you want the sparkles to adhere.  And sometimes that would include the contours and edges of the cut outs.

brush with shortening

Pour some of the sparkly dust on the piece. I use this 10K Gold Twinkle Dust by Global Sugar Art.  I like it because it is very glittery and really sparkles. 

add sparkle dust

Use a clean, dry brush to spread it around.  Use a light touch and use a dabbing motion because if you brush it too hard the dust might take off.

brush sparkle dust

You can also use a knife to pick up the dust on the paper and put the sparkly dust to the other pieces.

add sparkle dust

At this stage the pieces are now ready to be used. 

Sparkly Cupcake Toppers

This next part is optional.  I like to put some support to the topper because I like the look where the numbers seem to be floating on top of the cupcake rather than tucked in the buttercream. 

I used cocktail toothpicks as supports on the backside.  Roll and cut out a piece of gumpaste or fondant, the size will depend on how big your topper will be.  Dip the toothpick in edible glue or water.  Spread the glue or water on that small piece of gum paste. 

Sparkly Cupcake Topper support

Place it on the back side of the cut outs.  Press lightly with your finger and cut out any excess parts.

I like to keep the toothpick straight as much as possible because it is just easier to place it on the cupcake.  There are other numbers or shapes that it is just impossible to attach it straight, like the number zero.  You can place the toothpick then on the diagonal.

Let it dry for a couple of hours or overnight is better and you can also cover the back side with sparkly dust as well.

Sparkly Cupcake Topper

I hope that you will find this tutorial useful!

Have a great year ahead!

Warm hugs,

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