Champagne Bottle Cake

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This champagne bottle cake was made to celebrate a couple’s 20th wedding anniversary but it can be made for any other occasions like birthdays, promotion at work or anything really that’s worth a celebration.  Everything is edible in this cake from the bottle, the hay straws to the wooden box. 

champagne bottle cake

This cake was one of my earlier attempts in carving cakes.  Shaping cakes is not my forte and intimidates me still.  Making the bottle cake was actually not so bad because it did not need a lot of carving.  

How to Make a Champagne Bottle Cake 

To make the bottle, I used two 3” round cakes, and then cut them in half.  I then traced the profile of a wine bottle to paper and used that as a template to cut the cake board.  Here is bottle template that you can use. 

bottle cake template

I placed the demi cakes flat side down on the cake board and started carving away.  It helps to have a real bottle as a guide but if you don’t have one, just bear in mind that you really only have to carve the top or the neck part of the bottle. 

carve a bottle cake

Looking in hindsight, I should have made the neck a bit slimmer because once you add the fondant details, it will make it thicker.  

I covered the cake with fondant and painted it black with black gel colour mixed with lemon extract.

ice the bottle cake
champagne cake

For the “wooden box” on the bottom, I baked a cake in 9”x13” pan, cut the cake in half on the long side and stacked it.  I place fondant panels on the side and painted it with brown gel mixed with a bit of yellow colour diluted with lemon extract.

painting wood on cake
wooden box cake

I used an offset spatula to carefully lift the bottle cake and then carefully place it on top.  I also placed some dowels underneath for support.

bottle cake how to

I then proceeded to finish the details in fondant and the writing in royal icing.  I played with the names of the couple and the years of their anniversary on the label.  

champagne cake details

For the undecorated cake part around the bottle, I sneakily covered it with some fondant “hay”, which was just fondant cut into random strips.  Honestly, I would do it differently next time because it looks a bit wormy to me but let's use our imagination here ok?

cut up fondant as fillers

Now that wasn't so hard!


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