Halloween Cake :
Decorating a Candy Corn Cake

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So its the last weekend before Halloween and it's crunch time before the day. If you are thinking of what Halloween cake to make, how about a candy corn cake? I promise you it's super easy.

Sweets are my weakness. I like cakes, cookies, pastries, even sweet soups, but candies - not so much. I only have a handful of candies that I like - caramels, gummi bears and very rarely, I would crave for some sour candies. Candy corn though, that's a different story. I. love. candy. corn.

halloween cake
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So, I decided to combine two things that I love - candy corn and cake. It's dangerous having a bag of this sweet, buttery, chewy goodness around me. Really dangerous for my waistline that is. I was even afraid I won't have enough to decorate this cake.

candy corns
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The fun thing with decorating with candy corns is that because of its shape and color, you can create fun patterns with it.

Here I made a pattern of flowers. Big ones and small ones. It's not really a spooky, creepy kind of cake but a girly, girly kind of Halloween cake. It's just my kind of cake :)

candy corn cake
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And there is a nice surprise for the inside of the cake too. For the cake itself, I was inspired with the colors of the candy corn. I used the yellow cake recipe and divided the batter into 3 equal parts. I colored one part orange, one part yellow and one part uncolored. I used 6" round pans for this cake.

candy corn cake sliced
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For the centers of the flowers, I used black fondant. I also used it for the ruffle border around the cake. For the ruffles I used wood dowels to help create the waves.

candy corn cake and piece
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So there you have it - a candy corn cake.

candy corn piece of cake
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Have a fun and safe Halloween!


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